Enhancing Young People's Digital Competency

Assessing, educating and raising awareness to reduce the vulnerability of children’s behaviour online.

Want to engage with parents?

Age appropriate cyber security material enabling parents to enagage with thier children and learn about the online dangers facing children today.

Educating children on how to stay safe online via our 4 step approach

    Assess students’ eSafety awareness and vulnerable behaviour quickly and easily using the online questionnaires.
    Identify knowledge gaps and risky behaviour, view recommendations for further learning, and produce a record of your students’ understanding of online dangers.
    Raise eSafety awareness across your whole school with   age-appropriate lesson plans and unique video content  that engages, entertains and educates.
    Reassess students to produce “before and after” reports that measure eSafety awareness over time.

Trusted by over 400 Schools to deliver digital safeguarding to their pupils

'Supports Education in the connected World 'England & 'Digital Competency Framework' Wales
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Age Appropriate Assessments

Specifically designed for KS1/Foundation through to KS3/4

Cyber Risk Assessments Reporting

Supports Ofsted & Estyn Reporting Requirements

Age Appropiate Topics across all key stages

Time Online, Cyber Bullying, Fake News, Self Image, Naked Images, Sexting and much more
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Mrs Lliwen Jones - Ysgolion Tregarth ac Bodfeurig

“Using eAWARE throughout the school has given us an excellent understanding of our pupils online safety. It has ensured that we can pin point our pupils exact needs and respond by ensuring that lessons and tasks are specifically developed to meet those needs. eAWARE has proven to be a powerful resource to ensure our pupils safety."

Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Video

eAWARE provides a complete solution, including Assessment, Reporting, lesson Plans, worksheets, homeworking and Video Learning Pathways

Digital Footprints: Age 5-7

Join Tag the mouse as he introduces the term ‘Digital Footprint’. This topic is designed to help the learner understand that everything they do online creates a Digital Footprint which is permanent.

Passwords Age 9-11

Join Lenny on his birthday as he helps us learn how to make, identify and understand why we need to use strong passwords on our digital devices and online accounts.

Social Media: Age 11-14

Social Media 101 is part one of five videos designed to increase understanding of social media, discussing facts, privacy controls and things to consider.

Kath - Upton Westlea School

“'eAWARE is a fantastic resource that has supported our pupils from Years 1 to 6 and enabled staff to accurately understand pupils knowledge of on-line safety. Initial age-appropriate assessments have allowed us to identify gaps in understanding and provide bespoke lessons and activities using the lesson plans, worksheets and Learning Pathways provided by eAWARE. Re-assessments then identify the impact and progress made.
In addition, eAWARE responds immediately to current issues and provides support materials including videos and resources to pupils, staff and parents.
A super resource that gives us a secure knowledge that our children are safe on-line.”
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Schools package

From £2.50* per pupil per annum

                              Pupils 1 Year 
New / Renewal
                              1-150 £3.00
                          151-300 £2.75
                          300+ £2.50

We’re committed to making eAWARE affordable for every school. Our objective is to reach every child and empower them with the skills they need to engage with the online world safely. eAWARE subscriptions cost from £2.50* per pupil per annum.

There are no setup charges or monthly fees and no minimum order. Your Subscription includes continuous updates at no extra cost.

* Price excludes VAT at the prevailing rate.

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Everything starts with “hello”. If you’d like to find out more about eAWARE then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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eAWARE is easy to use so that you can focus on what matters – teaching.

Schedule eSafety assessments at the press of a button. View, print and share reports with ease. Support learning with lesson plans and unique video content and manage everything quickly and easily through a simple, intuitive dashboard.

eAWARE is a cloud based learning service available on any pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. There is no  software to install and no IT support required.


Interactive online assessments test e-safety awareness and identify behavioural risk (by class, year, key stage or school).

Reports provide insight and recommendations using a simple red, amber, green system.

Video learning pathways support lesson plans, homework and self-guided learning. Effectiveness is measured through reassessment.

eAWARE is available to teachers and pupils anytime, anywhere on any device.


We know that school budgets are tight.

eAWARE costs from £2.50* per pupil (per annum) for unlimited school use of all assessments, reports and video learning pathways. There are no hidden costs, monthly fees or additional charges.

Our objective is to reach every child in every school in order to raise eAWARENESS and safeguard our children in the digital world.

We are committed to making eAWARE affordable for every school.

eAWARE - Safeguarding For Schools

Enhancing Young Peoples Digital Competency